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School Packages

''StageCraft Ireland provide workshops for schools''

Our workshops can be delivered individually to one class or group or altogether for the whole school as a collective of sections that pull together to produce a large-scale end production.

Physical Theatre as part of Physical Education

Of all subjects commonly taught in school, physical education has the greatest potential to create lifelong physical and intellectual improvements in students. Physical education classes also offer a unique way to integrate lessons and promote creativity, while giving students guidance and an opportunity to improve kinetic learning.

Juggling promotes hand-eye coordination, concentration and individuality and our week long program gives each class in your school the opportunity to partake in many daring and dexterous physical activities in a fun filled and entertaining environment. The PE teacher also learns the skills and how to integrate juggling, diabolo and plate spinning into regular sessions. Equipment packages will be available to purchase if your school decides you would like to keep up any of the skills learned trough out the week.

Popular Puppets for Art Projects

Puppet making is a great way to introduce live animation and sculpture to children and teenagers. You can choose from making a puppet show booth, with characters and a story line for a local play or Giant Street Style Walkabout Characters for your local St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Stilt Walking for transition year students

Stilt Walking is one of our more intimate workshops, as it requires smaller groups and very specialized equipment. We will take one or several small groups on a jigamaree journey from small to tall in your very own school. Starting on 2-foot trainers, participants will learn to leave the ground floor behind and confidently stride high in just one week!

Mask and Model Making for Resource Students

This is another great way to introduce Sculpture through live animation. Participants will develop a character from drawing stage to model. These characters can be developed in conjunction with a school play or production.

Set Design for Woodwork Projects

This workshop is designed to run in conjunction with a school production. Woodwork students from the drawing stage design sets. Students will be guided on how to produce for indoors our outdoor productions.

Costume Making for Home Economics Projects

Designed to run with the chosen school production, stilt-walking or puppet workshops. Participants will learn how to produce themed, period or puppet costumes.

Digital Documentary for Creative Computer Class

Designed to run alongside a large-scale production, participants in this workshop will learn about basic photography and film in documentation style. Participants will then learn how to produce their recordings on computer programs.

Movement from Mellow to Mammoth and Melodic to the Magnificent

This great session is open to primary and secondary students. Participants will move, groove, shake, twist, turn and twirl their way through a week long activity exploring different styles of dance with hand percussion and props such as scarf’s, wings, flags, poi, staff and jingly bits galore. Children and teachers will learn to make their own materials and how to use them.

Booming Balloon Sculptures

For 5th and 6th class primary school students or secondary school students only. This is the ideal workshop if you have a construction theme for your class. We will teach your group how to mould, sculpt and shape hundreds of balloons into a model or models of the schools choice. The models last for up to two weeks when kept in good condition and stored behind something. They can reach the size of the ceiling and can be used as part of another project your school is undertaking. Any theme is possible!!

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